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Hello, you are a very cute pup. I am newly getting into pup play, and am not sure I understand the chastity part. I live with my bf and he said he would love to train me. I can't find much about the chastity part online, other than something like, "pups can be horny!" my bf has been into chastity play by itself, and I feel like it's a bit different.. That could go on for weeks sometimes! Can you give this brand new pup some ideas or advice on this?

Hey there,

Well, personally, I don’t think that there is much that changes when chastity play is introduced to puppy play. Master and I have done a combination of the two, but there’s never been anything that my puppy side brought to the chastity side of the equation. 

Of course, I could be wrong, but we’ve never found anything that changed the chastity play when added to puppy play. So you’re best bet would be to look up general chastity stuff online and get a feel for what others have experienced with chastity. 

If you figure out something that puppy play brings to chastity that wouldn’t normally be present, let me know, I’d be curious to hear about it! :-D